About Questale

Questale has become a leader in delivering fact-based insights to Fortune 500 clients enabling them to improve profitability and accelerate growth. Questale blends the best science, innovative technology and business expertise to generate high quality survey data which companies, governments, and institutions rely on to make decisions as to how to better serve their customers, citizens and constituents. We leverage our online sampling and research expertise here in the US and Questale’s global capabilities around the world to monitor what the world thinks for leading political, media, university, non-profit, and marketing organizations.

The Questale is headquartered in Delaware and has operations in the UK, North America, Europe, the Nordics, the Middle East and North Africa and Asia. Questale has a proprietary panel of 1872 members worldwide.

Market Research with Internationally Acknowledged Methodologies

We are the world’s first agency to provide market research reports using next generation tech tools in over 36 countries of operations

Knowledge Identify

Identify what we already know about the industry and then decide what works needs to be done using our proprietary tools and technology.

Prime Time Data

Before giving our borader teams a peak at our data, we make sure it is presentable, clean, secure and understandble by client.

Reward Data Pros

We acknolwdge and reward people who apply data insights to our client’s market research campaigns which helps us to build enthusiasm in team.

Enable Data Science

Once we have the full raw data, we feed it in our next generation market research tech tools to give our client’s a competitve edge.

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