Many people think Kratom is to be smoked to get best effects from it. But Kratom is not meant for smoking. Ingesting Kratom powder will give good effects than smoking. Here are the ways to burn red kratom.

Methods to burn Kratom

  1. Toss and Wash

This is the easiest method to ingest Kratom. This method can give you quick results. Place your dosage of Kratom into your mouth and take some water into your mouth and swallow them. Toss the Kratom and waddle your head so that the kratom in your mouthwashes away. You can split your dose into small doses and take them one by one also and no need to take all at once. Ensure yourself not to cough while doing this as powder enters directly your lungs if you do so. It can lead to some bad effects on your health. Start with a small dose of Kratom and you can increase dosage slowly if required. This will let you adjust yourself with Kratom usage and its effects.

  1. Prepare tea

This is one of the popular methods of burning kratom. Boil your Kratom Powder along with water for at least half-an-hour. Then let it settle. Separate the liquid from powder by straining the prepared tea. This can give more consistent and effective results but it is every time-consuming process. The tea can be taken either hot or cold as per your interest and taste are also not that bad.

  1. With Yoghurt

Some people will prefer to take Kratom with yogurt by adding some Kratom powder to it. As the original taste of the powder is not good so adding with any flavored yogurt may hide its taste. Then it will be easy to take Kratom. Some people may not recommend this as Kratom is supposed to be taken on empty stomach and taking with yogurt may give you less effect.

  1. With Protein Shake

This is also another way of taking Kratom. Mixing Kratom powder with protein shake masks its bad taste. But this will add up proteins to your body. Taking Kratom this way may work well on few and can give wonderful results but few people may not get required results.